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Cassie A Love Story

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Cassie A Love Story & Livraison gratuite
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Spring in Northeast Mississippi brings out the beauty of the land when the black-eyed Susans and wild-white Daisies burst forth from their winter sleep. The warm spring showers fill the ditches, ponds and streams that are plentiful around the countryside. Brent Massey, the foreman of a lumber crew brings his men and equipment to the area to harvest the virgin timber growing there. He is a well muscled, hard working man, intent of overcoming the loss of his fianc¿ just a few months earlier. Early in his stay at Pocotolo, MS., he meets a lovely young lady school teacher by the name of Cassie Thompson. They fall in love. The courtship flourishes and they are soon planning their wedding. Their lives together have many moments of joy, but tragedy strikes and Cassie is left to go on with her life without Brent. Three lovely children were born to this marriage, and they help fill the void left in her life. Willie, a handsome young boy is their first born. In his early teens he falls in love with a lovely young girl who lives on an adjacent farm. Both families object to the relationship and are intent on keeping them apart. The young love between the two is so strong they cannot imagine not being together, and seize upon every opportunity to do so. In the fall, the young girl is sent away to live with relatives in hopes the two would forget each other, but young love does not die easily. After months of separation, they re-establish contact. Does love win out?

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16 octobre 2021 7h33
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4 neuf à partir de 31,60€
1 d'occasion à partir de 25,84€

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